Renaissance Fiber Begins Hemp Processing Operations in Yadkinville, NC


Yadkinville, NC - July 2, 2018 -  Renaissance Fiber LLC, a limited liability corporation in North Carolina processing hemp fiber for textiles, has begun operations in Yadkinville, NC. The company was formed in 2017 as part of the founder’s participation in the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program, with guidance from the NC Industrial Hemp Commission (NCIHC).


Loosening of federal restrictions on cultivation of cannabis has enabled market-focused research into industrial hemp in North Carolina. Results from their first year (2017)...<<schlaffe>>... RF l to be the first operational producer of industrial hemp for textiles in the state. RF’smethods (patents pending) are clean, inexpensive, and suitable for small and large scale production, which they hope will enable fast growth across the Southeast..  The installation of facilities at the  Yadkinville site  will serve as the model for future operations  currently in the planning phase. But it’s the proximity of farmers to textile producers which makes all the difference. “Textiles still have a big presence in our state and region. There’s a reason for that. Hemp used to be a big part of it and it might actually happen again”, said Michael Long, the company’s founder. “There’s also a ton of new skills that can be applied to this one plant which were never available when the plant was last legally available.”


About Renaissance Fiber

Renaissance Fiber (RF) LLC is a North Carolina limited liability corporation founded in 2018 with headquarters and operations in Yadkinville, NC and additional operations in Wilmington, NC.  Renaissance Fiber is dedicated to the commercialization of American made materials derived from domestically grown industrial hemp. Hemp, a plant that can be grown for food, oil, fiber, building products, and fuel, is an all-purpose plant with broad potential utility.  RF owns exclusive intellectual property (IP) rights to deploy proprietary, novel methods and develop industries around them. The company’s strengths include a powerful technology platform, methods and product IP supporting the platform, a strong relationship with local growers, and a proven team. Its mission is to become the best-in-class post-prohibition buyer, processor and distributor of industrial materials from American hemp.



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