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First Yarn Production Milestone Achieved Using Hemp from Renaissance Fiber


Clean hemp fiber manufacturer produces its first hemp-blend yarns

Yadkinville, North Carolina (March 30, 2021) – Eighty years after hemp was effectively removed from commercial activity in the United States, the 2018 Farm Bill reintroduced it as a viable cash crop which could be used as a raw material resource for industry. Renaissance Fiber anticipated this event, organized in 2017 and began operations in 2018. The NC IDEA award winner has since patented its hemp fiber degumming technology and scaled it to commercial output levels. In a partnership with a preferred yarn spinner, Renaissance Fiber has demonstrated the value of its hemp fiber softening technology by shepherding the manufacture of hemp-blend yarns with American pima cotton, thereby establishing and demonstrating a domestic supply chain for hemp-blend yarns. 

The initial yarns produced were course yarns applicable to home goods and rugged apparel fabrics like canvas and denim. The yarns were demonstrated to be strong and durable yarns, with a beautiful natural luster. The yarns incorporated from 25% to 75% hemp in combination with both American pima cotton and upland cotton. 

"The plan is to send this yarn to multiple fabric makers and obtain their feedback regarding how it performed during the weaving process and what the quality of the resulting fabric was" said Daniel Yohannes, CEO of Renaissance Fiber. "We expect a demand for this hemp-blend yarn based on its quality, its wide range of % hemp incorporation, and the enhanced durability of the fabric it makes."

Renaissance Fiber is prepared to take orders for its hemp-cotton based yarn, and invites customers to make requests through its Contact Us page ( 

About Renaissance Fiber
Renaissance Fiber manufactures hemp fiber for the textile industry using North American grown hemp and an environmentally clean process. The company was established in 2018 as a scaled source for  hemp fiber in an economically feasible and ecologically invisible manner. Renaissance Fiber is currently developing materials capable of blending with cotton, polyester, wool and other common fibers in the industry. The company was a recipient of the North Carolina NCIDEA Seed Grant award and is privately held. For more information, please visit:, or contact Kathy Nelson at

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