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Renaissance Fiber produces fiber from hemp grown in the United States for the textile industry. Our material is also more than suitable for a vast range of applications where a natural fiber is beneficial. We anticipate large material availability for mid to late 2020. We offer:

  • A wide range of material qualities: We have many knobs we can tweak to produce fiber of a specific quality & character at a reliable cost.

  • Order sizes from experimental to production scale: As 2019 crops come in, we will be able to meet orders ranging from ounces to tons.

We will work with the customer to provide the quality the customer wants when the customer wants it. We offer:
  • A wide range of hemp fiber quality
  • Order sizes from experimental to production scale
  • Identification of hemp cultivars suited to specific end uses
  • Interaction and networking for product development.
Toll Manufacturing
We can also operate in a toll manufacturing business environment. Toll agreements permit ready access the low-cost degumming capability of Renaissance Fabric without the infrastructure expense.
Product Development
We can evaluate hemp fiber and provide technical analyses for product testing. We are also happy to assist in development of new products.

We actively work with regional growers and suppliers to develop sources of raw material, evaluate logistics, and provide general assistance regarding the specifics of this new market. Please contact us with your specific questions or needs.
Array #6 Horizontal.HEIC
Renaissance Fiber purchases raw fiber (from left to right on the picture above) and produces degummed fiber, which after opening and carding is rendered ready for a yarn spinner to use. The yarn spinner prepares sliver from the carded fiber (in the green and cream hemp paper), which is then spun into yarn used to make hemp fabrics (all products shown are produced from Renaissance Fiber's hemp materials.)
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