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Access to Seed

Acclimatized & Affordable Access to Hemp Seed

Renaissance Fiber works directly with farmers to provide accessible industrial hemp genetics in the form of acclimatized, affordable seed for fiber production in the Carolinas and our broader geographic region.  We endeavor to supply growers with regionally adapted hemp varieties to reduce risk and enable the supply of hemp fiber in North Carolina and the Southeast. 

We encourage and participate in agronomy research throughout the region by engaging growers, seed providers, and state-level resources. Growers in North Carolina and the Southeast have struggled to work with non-adapted varieties from incompatible regions in a market primarily interested in CBD. Recognizing that readily-available fiber-specific and dual purpose (fiber and grain) varieties underpin the establishment of the hemp industry in North Carolina, we participated in early trials and experimentation (including failures) with in-house farmers and other growers to establish baseline knowledge.


Since then, Renaissance Fiber has contributed significantly to the growth of the North Carolina and regional hemp industry through identification of improved and acclimatized varieties and sources, and a greater understanding of sound cultivation practices that help make industrial hemp a “farmer friendly” crop. We contract directly with growers to produce high-fiber hemp crops. This allows us to ensure a sufficient supply of material while providing agronomic support and knowledge-based advice to our growers. We provide low risk, high return hemp production contracts for growers that use high-fiber strains that grow well in this area. Renaissance Fiber will continue to identify and establish access to affordable, high-performing seed varieties through direct engagement with growers and providers.

Note to Growers
Renaissance Fiber respects the international treaties on plant genetics and the laws of sovereign countries with respect to industrial hemp cultivation.
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