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Renaissance Fiber produces fiber from hemp, using inherently clean methods, for use in a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Our primary focus is the generation of textile-quality fiber for yarn production. We are based in North Carolina and source raw materials from throughout the US. All of our products are 100% domestic.

About Us

We purchase raw, domestic hemp fiber and process it into forms suitable for textile production. We have relationships with farmers, yarn spinners and textile companies that produce brand-name garments and products. Our proprietary methods are clean, inexpensive, accessible, scalable, and developed to be air and water quality invisible. They use the unique geographic and climactic advantages of the US Southeast to produce high-quality, soft, spinnable fiber with small, efficient facilities. No bleaching or oxidation is needed, essentially doing away with the inherent production of potentially toxic by-products. With this proprietary technology, we hope to help our state & region maintain leadership in global agriculture and textile production.

For Growers 


We offer fair prices for raw, unretted and/or decorticated hemp stalk & fiber. Hemp is accessible to most farmers with grain crop experience, but requires coordination to ensure high quality production and maximum value. It uses mostly standard equipment, though specific machines are required for decortication. We will work with you to establish proper growing conditions, go over what you need, identify suitable seed sources, and help locate specialized equipment (we have some machines available for rent). If you are interested in contracting with a buyer of hemp stalk, please contact us. We accept contracts in NC, SC, VA, KY and TN, and are happy to discuss options.

Note: We have completed grower contracts for 2020. We are unable to offer contracts to 1st-time fiber growers (CBD growing doesn’t count). We recommend growing a small test plot of approximate ½ acre to get a season under your belt. If you’re able to grow good material, we would be happy to see it and possibly make purchase. Please contact your local agricultural extension office for details on hemp cultivation in your area. Refer to our page under Seed Genetics for access to seed. 


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